Guide to Paris airports Roissy de Gaulle, Orly, Beauvais

Airport connection

Whatever the airport is connection services include shuttles, taxis cabs, private chauffeured cars, coaches and buses and of course car hire. Train lines also connect Roissy de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY) to Paris city center. Making connection between same airport's terminals is usually quite fast, easy and hassle free. Please note that bus and train services are not door to door and may be affected by strikes.

Airport shuttle service


Compare and book your airport shuttle & transfer services between Roissy, Orly or Beauvais airport and city center.

Airport shuttle

Connection between Paris Roissy and Orly airports

Connection between Roissy CDG & Orly airports

Travellers may need to connect between airports to take another flight. In most cases connection is made between Roissy and Orly airports, which are not only the most important ones but also the closest to the city center. Depending on the transport and the hour of the day the duration of the journey may vary from 45 to 80 minutes.

Train service

There is no Roissy or Orly express service but a suburban train line - RER B - connects the two airports with a stop and a change at Antony station. If you leave from Roissy de Gaulle, the train station is located within the airport (Two stops at terminal 2 and 3). The connection with the "Orlyval" express train is made at Antony station. If you leave from Orly you need to get into the Orlyval to connect with the RER B Line at Antony station. Read more. The duration of the journey is 70 to 80 minutes and the ticket costs 22€ for an adult and 13€ for a child (2-11). Also see Train Roissy airport - Train Orly airport

Taxis & shuttles services

Taxis ranks are located just outside the terminals. Travellers just need to follow the "taxis" sign inside their terminal of arrival (See: Taxis). Shuttle services are also available but reservation in advance is mandatory.

Bus - Coach

"Le Bus Direct" is a shuttle bus line operated between Roissy CDG airport and Paris Orly airport. It now replaces the Air France bus service. A one way ticket costs 21€ (36€ return) and the duration of transfer is close to 60 minutes. Please note that the journey time may be significantly increased depending on road traffic conditions... Read more

Connection from or to Beauvais

Connection from / to Beauvais airport

The fastest and easiest way to connect between Roissy de Gaulle or Orly airports and Paris Beauvais is to book a private shuttle service or a taxicab.

The other option is to take the bus to Paris and then take the subway and the train to the airport.

Travel between terminals

Between terminals

Whatever the airport is getting from a terminal to another is usually easy and free. Depending on the location, Roissy de Gaulle, Orly or Beauvais travellers can either get on foot, use train shuttles or coaches.

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