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Roissy CDG airport paris

Roissy de Gaulle airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Roissy Airport (CDG) is the largest airport serving Paris and the second busiest passenger airport in Europe after London Heathrow. It is located 23 kilometres (15 miles) north-east of Paris near the village of Roissy en France. This paris airport counts 3 terminals terminals. Terminal 2 is the new one and Terminal 3 is dedicated to european or domestic flights only and mainly served by Easyjet.

Paris Roissy CDG Airport

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Orly Airport

Orly airport

Orly Airport is the second airport in Paris located 10 miles South East of the city - Dedicated mainly to European and domestic flights. Orly is a quite large and busy airport - There are two terminals. Terminal West houses only a few airlines, with the older Terminal South handlng most of the long haul routes. Please see the airport passagers reviews and the Services listed for Orly Airport - Enjoy your stay in Paris.

Paris Orly Airport

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Beauvais Airport

Beauvais airport

Beauvais airport is quite basic but the security is good and the flights arrive and leave on time. Ryanair is the most active airline in Beauvais. Ryanair staff has the reputation to be polite and courteous. This airport is quite far away from Paris so don't expect beeing transfered downtown Paris in the working hour of your arrival in Beauvais Airport. We have listed and reviewed the best transfer options from and to Beauvais Airport.

Beauvais Airport

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