Guide to Paris airports Roissy de Gaulle, Orly, Beauvais

Paris airport strike

Different kind of strikes affect Roissy or Orly airports' activities every year and make the travellers journey to or from Paris more complicated : Public Transports (Bus & subway and trains), airlines staff, airport security staff, air traffic controllers, luggage handlers... Depending on the strike travellers may have to cope with delays to get a luggage, no transportation to or from the airport, disruption of air travel or even last minute flight cancellation.

Strike info & consequences

Strike actions happen every year. If you are planning a trip to Paris the best thing to do is to check if any announcement was made for your travel dates.

Transport : No bus, train & subway

Transports strike is the most frequent. Train (TGV and RER), public bus services and Paris metro are usually directly affected.
Consequences: Departing flights are likely to be delayed and many travellers will miss their flight - Arriving flights should be OK
Advice: If you are leaving Paris contact your airline to get information about your flight. If not cancelled book an early private transfer service to go to the airport (See information below about how to go to Orly or Roissy airport.

Air Traffic controllers : Air travel disruption & flight cancellation

Air traffic controllers' strike usually means major air travel disruption. It may also ground all flights during a day or two. It is however quite rare and never last very long.
Consequences: Departing & arriving flights are cancelled.
Advice: Postpone your trip if you can. Check for information about the end of the strike.

Security staff or baggage handlers : Delays

A security agent controls access to gates and is responsible for security check procedures. A baggage handler loads and unloads baggage in or out of the planes.
Consequences: A few flights are delayed and passengers have to go through long queues.
Advice: Passengers need to arrive sooner than usual at the airport.

Airlines staff unions action (Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, ...)

Airlines Staff may also go on strike. Union actions are usually projected long in advance. Consequences for passengers may vary a lot with the number of Airlines staff involved.
Consequences: Usually most of departing flights are delayed and a few cancelled - Arriving flights are likely to be OK.
Advice: Passengers should call the airline or check on the website for more information about flights affected.

How to get to or from the airport in case of public transport strike ?

Public transport strike

Public transport strike will affect all means of transportation as commuters will massively turn to road transport, which will result in huge traffic jams. So it is wise to book a taxicab or a private shuttle service the day before to get to or from Roissy or Orly airport. Travellers leaving the city should reserve a large margin of time for the journey to the airport.